Secure way to earn interest on fiat and digital assets.

Funding market provides a funding to traders wanting to trade with leverage.

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Funding Features

Keep up on all the latest trends in the crypto industry and stay ahead of the market.

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A wide array of currencies is available

Calculate the amount of potential return for any available currency with our built-in Calculator. For all digital assets on Bitfinex that are available for margin trading.

Highly customisable and configurable

Set a different configuration for each digital asset with ease. You can have one custom lending strategy for each digital token.

Multiple lending modes to choose from

Choose Dynamic, Fixed, or Market mode and switch between modes whenever you want. Lending Pro will extend an offer on your behalf based on your selection.

Various automation settings choices

Select your preferred rates and amounts based on your needs—minimum rate, fixed-rate, fixed amount, max offer amount, hide open offers, or undercut open offers.

Stake with freedom

Our soft-staking program allows you to easily generate rewards by simply holding your digital tokens on Bitfinex. Staking rewards can be as high as 8%* per year for supported Digital Tokens. Please read the FAQs for details.

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