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nealthy equips institutions and businesses to maximize the value and potential return of digital assets and save time, money and stress.
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Comprehensive Market Strategy

Streamlines investment portfolio management by automatically adjusting to market indices for optimal cost and time efficiency. Offers access to On-Chain Investment Tokens (OITs) for wide-ranging market exposure and risk diversification to stabilize return potential.

Transparent and Compliant Operations

Combines the assurance of blockchain transparency with strict adherence to regulatory standards. This not only provides a high level of trust and security in investment activities, but also ensures that operations are regularly audited and compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Enhanced Cost and Access Efficiency

Reduces transaction fees through automated, blockchain-based processes, while also simplifying the investment process. This ensures that entry barriers are lowered for investors without compromising on the knowledge required for informed investing.

Real-Time Data with Enhanced Security

Offers immediate insight into investment performance and swift adaptability to market shifts. The use of blockchain fortifies the investment environment against fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring robust security.

Flexible and Autonomous Portfolio Management

Leverages smart contracts for seamless, real-time portfolio rebalancing. This provides the agility needed to navigate and adapt to market dynamics without manual intervention, maintaining alignment with investment objectives.

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Our platform maximizes returns with up to 100% capital efficiency by fully leveraging assets. Investors can earn up to 9% annually on long-term digital strategies, enhanced by advanced insurance mechanisms for risk hedging, ensuring resilience against market volatility.
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Compliant and Transparent

nealthy is currently going through the VARA licensing process. Once approved, it will afrm that we are operating with full bank-grade compliance while adhering to regulatory frameworks by VARA and inter- governmental bodies such as the FATF and using permissioned pools that have been subjected to strict KYC and KYB processes.
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Professional-Grade Automated Asset Management

nealthy manages assets and risks for you, so you don’t have to be involved with the complexities of crypto investing.

The platform provides access to various advanced investment options - OITs and staking that are all automated to maximize the yield/risk ratio.

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Unlock the full potential of your investments with nealthy. Experience unparalleled capital efficiency and secure, high-yield digital asset strategies. Discover the future of asset management.

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"Our strength lies in the caliber of our partners; hence, we collaborate exclusively with the elite." - Ludwig Schroedl, CEO

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