Effective investments amplified by dynamic asset management

On-Chain Asset Management

Embrace the ease of asset management with OITs (On-chain Index Tokens). Diversify your investments with just one transaction and enjoy in-built risk mitigation strategies on-chain.

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Diversify With One Click

Invest in an entire market with just one transaction. Diversify your investments with On-chain Index Tokens (OITs) tracking a weighted portfolio of underlying assets.

Why waste time and resources diversifying your portfolio when a single token can accomplish the same?

What are On-Chain Index Tokens?

With OITs, you can consolidate your investments into a single token which mirrors an entire market. In essence, OITs are the blockchain equivalent of ETFs, tracking portfolios of assets, with lower fees, greater accessibility and transparency. Forget the hassle of managing multiple assets on different platforms, save time and fees and embrace the ease of holding one comprehensive asset.

Smart Investments

With OITs, simple holding is different - a single token is equivalent to a diversified and weighted portfolio of assets that follows the market. Want more? Then turn to nealthy staking - it auto-invests OIT’s underlying assets in a predefined set of instruments and automatically adjusts their shares over time not to miss on profitable opportunities. 

A token that represents an index.

Fully Asset-Backed

OITs are fully backed and their value is verified by the proof-of-reserve. Underlying assets in nealthy’s OITs are divided into operational and safekeeping funds and are safely kept in a cold-storage and a licensed custodian to ensure security. 

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Provide Full Control

All operations with OIT’s underlying portfolio - swaps, minting, redemption, as well as staking are executed on chain and provide the maximum transparency.

Change the way you invest

nealthy equips you to maximize the value and potential return of your digital assets. The platform helps you diversify your portfolio, manage risks, track your crypto asset’s performance, and save time, money and stress. OITs enable you to access top crypto and DeFi products in a regulated way.

Manage Assets Skillfully In A Breeze

nealthy manages your assets for you, so that you don’t have to be involved with the complexities of crypto investing. On the platform, you get access to a variety of advanced investment options to get the most of your investments. One click and it’s there: the platform auto-invests underlying assets in a portfolio of TradFi and CeFi instruments for greater returns. 

Trust but Verify

nealthy is a licensed platform holding the highest standards of security and compliance. And yet nealthy takes transparency to another level - all asset management operations take place and are trackable on-chain whilst OITs are physically backed and provide proof-of-reserve.

OITs are fully backed and their value is verified by the proof-of-reserve.

How nealthy is Revolutionizing Web3 Investments

Expanding Exposure

nealthy’s OITs replicate entire markets; why gamble on individual assets when you can easily gain exposure to a whole industry with a single token?

Minimizing Risk

nealthy keeps your portfolio in line with the market so you don't get left behind. OIT's built-in rebalancing mechanisms help protect against market volatility.

Verifying Reserves

nealthy is set up as a regulated* entity and ensures the highest standards of compliance. If you have been hesitant to enter the crypto market, now you have a trusted platform to embark on this endeavor.

Providing Utility

nealthy's OITs offer value through both time-based appreciation and variable staking mechanics. The proprietary technology enhances utility and maximizes returns by reinvesting in the underlying tokens.

Securing Investments

The use of cold storage, multi-sig wallets, and thoroughly audited smart contracts serve to secure our reserves and instill confidence in the users of our products.

Guaranteeing Transparency

On-chain verifiability is the ultimate form of transparency. Our contracts and reserves can be audited by any group or individual at any time.

Expediting Research

Forget hunting for alpha and chasing the news; our index products automate this process and comprise the most valuable assets as determined by the market.

Automating Management

Managing a portfolio of digital assets requires constant repositioning – with nealthy’s index products your portfolio automatically manages its own diversification.

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The Future of Investing

Index products have helped the average investor save billions in fees and served as an easy gateway to investing. We're building this on the blockchain.  
Unlike the stock market: 24/7 availability. Bankless investing. No counterparty risk. Instant settlement. Global distribution.


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