Digital Asset Management

Empowering global institutions, corporations and professional investors with simple and compliant exposure to crypto and real-world assets.
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  • Currently going through the licensing process with VARA
  • Dubai (UAE) based
  • Fully compliant with local laws and regulations
  • Adherence with FATF requirements
  • Access to KYB’ed and KYC’ed participants

Safe and secure

  • Thoroughly audited
  • Transparent reserves verification through proof-of-reserves
  • Partnerships with licensed service providers only
  • Funds are secure with regulated custodians


  • Earn up to 9% APY on your crypto
  • Instant diversification and underlying asset utilization with OITs
  • All-in-one platform - on-ramping, trading, staking in one user interface

the way it should be

Diversify your investments with On-Chain Index Tokens (OITs), tracking a weighted portfolio of various digital asset markets. With OITs, you can consolidate your crypto asset investments into a single token. In essence, OITs are the digital asset equivalent of ETFs, tracking portfolios of assets with lower fees, greater accessibility, and transparency.

You can hold, stake, or trade OITs.
Forget the hassle of managing multiple assets on different platforms, save time and fees,  and embrace the ease of holding one comprehensive asset.

Regulatory Compliance

nealthy is currently going through the VARA licensing process.

Once approved, it will affirm that we are operating with full bank-grade compliance while adhering to regulatory frameworks by VARA and inter-governmental bodies such as the FATF and using permissioned pools that have been subjected to strict KYC and KYB processes.
We are committed to operating in a compliant and regulated manner and adhere to the highest standards of transparency, security, and customer protection.

Our Products

Liquid $nSTBL
  • A better way to hold stables;
  • On-ramp, trade, or hold your liquid $nSTBLs, knowing your stablecoins stay stable.
  • Learn more
Staked $nSTBL
  • Earn up to 9% while staking to protect liquid $nSTBL holders;
  • Stake your nSTBL to ensure the stability of the index;
  • Learn more
nealthy Platform
  • Digital asset management made easy;
  • With the nealthy asset management platform, you can review your portfolio, on-ramp, and trade all in one place.
  • Learn more
  • Seamless on-ramping;
  • Compliant, cost-effective onboarding to crypto to gain digital asset market exposure.
  • Learn more

Embrace the Ease
of Investments with On-Chain Index Tokens

Index products have helped institutions save billions in fees and transformed the investment industry making it more flexible and effective.
We're building indexes on the blockchain.

On-Chain Index Tokens

With OITs, you can consolidate your investments into a single token which mirrors an entire market.

With its OITs, nealthy places itself at the forefront of asset management by reducing administrative and operational costs, creating compelling diversification opportunities and streamlining the investment process to make it accessible to a wide array of investors.

Tokenized RWAs

OITs are the ultimate tool to access tokenized real-world assets such as stocks, t-bills, bonds or commodities on-chain.

Similarly to traditional ETFs, enabling bundled investments into different asset types, OITs give access to their tokenized versions - RWAs and put them to work through diversification, trading and yield generation.

A Bridge Between
TradFi and Crypto

See nealthy as the bridge between traditional finance and crypto - it allows investors to seamlessly onramp, swap, and protect their assets on chain.
by Assets
OITs are fully backed and their value is verified by the proof-of-reserves on-chain and traditional financial audits.
to Digital Assets
OITs provide a simple way of investing into multiple digital asset types - with just one click you get a weighted portfolio of crypto and RWAs.
Stock Market
24/7 availability.
Dynamic rebalancing. Bankless investing. No ounterparty risk. Instant settlement. Global distribution.
Risk Mitigation
In-built diversification allows for automatic hedging against volatility or depeg of a single asset while dynamic rebalancing and incentivisation mechanisms encourage market participants to balance the system.

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