$nSTBL - a Safer Way to Hold your Money On-Chain

$nSTBL tracks the index of a portfolio of currently top-3 stablecoins, enabling you to hold a diverse, weighted basket of assets with just a single token.
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Diversifies Your Portfolio

Once launched, $nSTBL will change the way you invest in Virtual Assets; instead of holding multiple assets, with $nSTBL you will get one token that gives you access to a diversified portfolio of top stablecoins by market relevance, enabling the hedging of risk.

Keeps Your Funds Safe

$nSTBL's design combines in-built risk management and combination of dynamic rebalancing, incentivization of market participants to take the index stabilizing actions like staking and redemptions, and a reserve fund for greater risk mitigation.

Moreover, $nSTBL is fully backed by stablecoins and T-Bills and provides proof-of-reserves on chain.

Ensures Compliance

The use of the $nSTBL token and related services on the nealthy platform are exclusive to users who have undergone the process of either KYC (for individuals) or KYB (for institutions).

$nSTBL combines the advantages of a traditional ETF issued by the regulated and compliant entity with the benefits of smart contracts on the blockchain providing maximum transparency and regulatory clarity.
*license application under process
with the regulator

Liquid $nSTBL

Trade $nSTBL against 150 top crypto tokens with
a minimum fee on the nealthy platform.

With $nSTBL, you can make your stablecoin portfolio liquid and trade, on-ramp and off-ramp at any time.
Minimum investment: < $1.00
Minting fee: 0.0%
Redemption fee: 0.5%
Expense Ratio: 0.0%

What’s Inside

The $nSTBL token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is a new approach to blockchain-based asset investment which is underpinned by a rule-based portfolio management approach in that it is designed to hedge risk for investors. $nSTBL is designed as an “Indicator Token”, and represents a portfolio of underlying stablecoins (DAI, USDC and USDT) based on their market relevance, and it dynamically rebalances in the event that an underlying asset depegs.

The weight of each token in the portfolio is algorithmically determined by the token’s market share and gets adjusted to the current market state in a decentralized manner - traders are incentivised to bring the underlying portfolio to equilibrium.
Learn more from the White Paper
Coming soon.
Risk hedging through stable diversification
Underlying assets:
3 stablecoins
up to

Staked $nSTBL

$nSTBL staking will allow users to generate passive income thanks to diversified reinvestment strategies. Instead of just keeping tokens in your wallet idly, you can earn additional yield by stabilizing the index.


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