The story of the neals

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The origins of the neals

The story of the neals is one of intrigue, discovery, and wonder. It all began when a team of archeologists stumbled upon a hidden cave in the deserts of Dubai. As they made their way through the winding tunnels, they came across a chamber filled with strange, teal creatures that they had never seen before.

At first, the team was hesitant to approach the creatures, unsure of whether they were dangerous or friendly. But as they watched the neals go about their business, they realized that they were peaceful and intelligent beings, living in a highly advanced society.

An underground city illuminated by a soft purple glow. The city is nestled within a spacious cave. The overall atmosphere is mysterious and captivating.
An illustration of a large metal vault with a thick door. The door features a circular handle. The image conveys a sense of security, secrecy, and protection of valuable assets.

Balance, the way of neals

As the team spent more time with the neals, they discovered that the creatures had developed their own unique financial system, based entirely on indexes of global finance. They used advanced software to manage their wealth, constantly balancing their vaults to ensure maximum gains.

What was truly remarkable about the neals, however, was their mindset. Unlike humans, who often obsess over individual stocks and speculate on volatile assets, the neals were content to invest in broad market indexes, trusting that they would provide steady growth over time. They had never heard of „diamond hands“ or „paper hands“ and saw no need to do their own research or follow financial advice.

Outperforming the market?

This approach had served them well, as they had outperformed many human investors and had become one of the wealthiest and most prosperous societies on the planet. Yet, despite their wealth and success, the neals remained humble and generous, always seeking to share their knowledge and resources with others.  As they became aware of their human counterparts the neals began to embrace and emulate the culture.

With their new found love of the culture  they dispatched a delegate of neals from all walks of life to New York City.  There they would immerse themselves into the apex of internet culture,  NFT.NYC. Upon requests from the United Nations and Wall St they agreed to share the secret of being nealthy through index investing. The world watched in awe as the neals took the stage, their teal skin glowing under the bright lights of the UN auditorium.

An illustration depicting a teal-colored person lounging on a piggy bank that floats on a ocean surface. The person appears relaxed, holding a cocktail in hand and enjoying the ride. Meanwhile a shark be seen swimming in the water, trying to avoid the piggy bank. The image conveys a whimsical and carefree tone, with a nod to the idea of financial security in the face of potential risks.
A floating figure meditates over a mountain of cryptocurrencies. Other tokens seem to fall from the sky.

The nealthy way

As they spoke, their message resonated with people around the world. The neals had found a way to be both financially prosperous and emotionally content, by focusing on long-term investments and avoiding the stress and volatility of the stock market.

In the years that followed, many humans began to adopt the neal’s approach to investing, realizing that there was more to life than chasing the next big thing. And as the world became nealthier, it was the neals who smiled the brightest, knowing that they had shared something truly special with their human counterparts.

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