“I want it all” – You can! Here’s how.

$NFTS is changing investing in NFTs. This research article is about three things that make our coin unique and are particularly important for coin holders.

In $NFTS we trust.

When it comes to transactions in the crypto world, trust plays a very important role in the ability to feel comfortable with your buying and selling decisions. Here's a quick look behind the blockchain scenes:

“Blockchain is a decentralized technology, meaning it does not rely on a central point of control. Instead, it relies on consensus protocols across a network of nodes to confirm any transaction performed on the network (…) Data remains unchangeable once it’s been recorded and processed on the blockchain, meaning it’s also protected from any modifications or attacks.” 

To put it in a nutshell: Investors can follow our collection and see what we are doing (Or going the easy way, via the click on: Collection).

Physical Value? Yes please!

Here we explained how our coin is similar to an ETF. To understand what we mean by physical value, let's briefly take a look two different types of ETFs:

 Physical replication: “An ETF with physical replication, also referred to as direct replication or full replication, tracks an index by directly buying the underlying securities of the index.”

 Synthetic replication: This is a cost-effective alternative where the index is replicated with a swap transaction (there is no direct replication of the index as with the physical replication ETFs).

For our coin, the concept is like the physical replication: We are buying the NFTs and storing them! This means you can watch every NFT anytime. Bonus point: Use it as profile picture because you are owning it!

More profits, less worries

As you know, there are so-called Airdrops for some NFTs. Here’s an example: Every Bored Ape Owner got an apecoin as an Airdrop (completely free!). These Airdrops increase the value of the NFT. You can profit from them by owning a $NFTS: Airdrops will be used to rebuy $NFTS Tokens. These are transferred proportionally to the token holders! Another example of an Airdrop: Land in the metaverse can be rented out (just like in real life). The income generated by this will also be converted into an Airdrop and played out to the Token holders.

Transparency, physical value, and profit from Airdrops – Sounds good, right?

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