How the nealthy NFTs are secured

Where are NFTs located? In this research article, we explain the basics of safety when storing NFTs (also in relation to $NFTS).

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is not like a wallet in real life. In real life, you store money in your wallet. An NFT on the other hand, is located on the blockchain. Your crypto wallet therefore only gives you access to the NFT (like a key to a lock) and does not store it:

“A crypto wallet is a software or device that allows users to interact with blockchain networks. They are necessary when sending and receiving bitcoin and other digital currencies”.

Hot or cold wallet?

A hot wallet is available as an app or browser extension. You usually have a password, a seed phrase, and a 2-factor-authentication to access the wallet. However, hot wallets are easy to be hacked and therefore not the safest storage method.

On a cold wallet the access to your NFT is done via hardware – this means that it’s safe from being hacked.

What’s it with $NFTS?

To guarantee the highest possible security standard of the NFTs in our coin, we have several cold wallets, so you don’t have to worry about security issues. 

Now that everything is safe, are you ready for your $NFTS coin?

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